Deb and Rachel at last spring’s Great Lakes Luncheon in Toledo, OH

Sometimes happy announcements also tug at the heart strings, and this is one of those.
We are extremely proud to be able to announce that Rachel Kendall has been appointed to Conference Coordinator to lead Conference 3, effective Dec. 1, 2019.
At the same time, though, it’s bittersweet to have to tag onto that announcement that Debbie Cole, an almost 25 year volunteer with the MOMS Club is stepping down from that position.  Deb has worked with us from the early years, first in the Northwest and with the International chapters, then across the Midwest and upper Great Plains states, and most recently in Conference 3 with the Southeastern states.  Her clear logic and wry sense of humor will be missed.
Deb has been working closely with Rachel for several months to make the transition a smooth one, and she has offered to stay on to help with chapter EIN filings, and other special projects.  We’re grateful Deb’s experience won’t be leaving us entirely — we will always value her advice and assistance. 
Deb has traveled for the MOMS Club, most recently to Florida, Atlanta and Maryland, and says with her new-found free time, she and her husband are planning on traveling even more.  Maybe in the future we’ll have a “Where in the World is Deb Cole?” contest!  It could be quite a challenge to keep up with her!
Stepping into Deb’s shoes, is Rachel Kendall.  Rachel joined the MOMS Club in Lexington, KY, in 2006, after a friend in another part of town recommended us for the new mom of two.  Rachel looked us up and found a chapter in her own part of town, joined right away and became the treasurer the next month.  Later, she became her chapter’s president, and then in 2010, she became an International Volunteer in what was then the Southeast Conference.
Since then, she’s served as Regional Coordinator for our chapters in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and DC.    She’s also still involved in her local Kentucky chapter 13 years later, currently back on the Board there as AVP.  She says she needs more support now as a mother of two teens than she did as a mother of toddlers!
Rachel’s outside interests are varied and many — she works as an on-call branch office administrator for a major investment firm,  and teaches classes in stamping and papercraft.  She also volunteers as a Performance Coordinator for her daughter’s Irish Dance school and plays flute with her daughter in a community flute choir.  Free time is spent ferrying kids around town, (or in rare moments, reading).
Rachel can be reached at or at (859) 543-9787.
Moving up into Rachel’s former position as Regional Coordinator for Region 1 in Conference 3 is Carrie Palsson.  Carrie is also a mother of two.  She joined the MOMS Club of Germantown-N, MD, in 2007, when her eldest was a rambunctious toddler, and credits the MOMS Club with saving her life — or at least her sanity!
Carrie has served on her chapter’s board as Secretary, MVP and President.  She started volunteering with International as a Big Sister in 2012, and has enjoyed working with the chapters as she moved up the ranks.
Carrie is an administrative coordinator for the nonprofit Women in Bio, and is both a Girl Scout and 4-H project group leader.  In her little spare time, she enjoys reading, baking and buying craft supplies (which she says should not be confused with actually creating crafts).
Carrie can be reached at or (240) 383-5507.
Whatever Conference you’re in, no matter where you live, if you are interested in volunteering with the International MOMS Club, we’d love to hear from you!  Just email your Conference Coordinator and let her know your interest!  Don’t know how to reach your Conference Coordinator?  Click here!  We’ll be happy to help connect you with her.