Shout Outs

We love our International MOMS Club volunteers! They are always ready to help chapters serve their members even better. The following volunteers have received recognition for their work with chapters or from their fellow volunteers.

Do you know an International MOMS Club volunteer who has made a difference for you or your chapter? We'd love to recognize them as well. Whether it's a one time event you feel they went above and beyond to just consistently being there - if you'd like to thank your volunteer, please fill out the form below.

Thank an International MOMS Club Volunteer

Shout out to Conference 3 Regional Coordinator, Ramie!
"Ramie amazes me with all that she does for MOMS Club. She oversees a tremendous number of chapters and volunteers, and always makes each volunteer feel like they have her undivided attention. I honestly don't know how she keeps it all organized and together! She has been so instrumental to helping my chapter with the sistering process, and has helped me become a better Area Corrdinator by always being patient, understanding, and helpful with me. She truly is the best! "
~Cathy, MOMS Club of Alpharetta-Northeast, GA and Conference 3 Region 3 Area Coordinator

Shout out to Conference 1 Area Coordinator, Amy!
"Thank you so much for being an amazing Big Sister and always being available to support our chapter especially through times of stress. We heart you and want to send you a huge thank you. You truly emulate the mission statement of this organization and go above and beyond to support us. Thank you for your service! "
~Anonymous Member, MOMS Club of Fresno, CA

Shout out to Conference 1 Area Coordinator, Wendi!
"Wendi has been an excellent Area Coordinator! Anytime I have questions or give an update she responds quickly! I never have to feel like I am not supported!"
~Jody, MOMS Club of Monroe, MI

Shout out to Conference 1 Area Coordinator, Joanna!
"Joanna is truly a MOM in many ways but the support she provides other chapters and members, along with our own chapter, are such a blessing to so many women and this organization! She not only helps out as an Area Coordinator to other chapters but she also jumps in to volunteer for special events, such as the Board Luncheon. Her creativity and love for all mothers is so evident if you are blessed to be able to spend time with her or connect over email/phone if you aren't local to her. She goes above and beyond to make sure moms are getting the support we all need in this journey we call motherhood. Thank you for your volunteer service for MOMS Club, Joanna!"
~Margaret, WA

Shout out to Conference 5 Area Coordinator, Melissa!
"I had a rough first year as President and Melissa was an invaluable resource for me. I can't say enough for how much she helped me get through the last year - countless hours on the phone and via email plus the time to respond to issues within our Facebook group. Melissa was a FANTASTIC Big Sister/Primary Coordinator for us and any club to have her is truly blessed!"
~Katie, MOMS Club of Upland South, Ontario, Montclair, CA

Shout out to Conference 3 Regional Coordinator, Ramie!
"Ramie has taught me so much about MOMS Club in the year and a half we have been working together. She encourages me, listens and goes beyond the call of duty. I am in awe of how she cares for each of her Coordinators and the 140 chapters she oversees. She's very patient and sees the good in every situation."
~Heather, State Coordinator, Conference 3

Shout out to Conference 1 Area Coordinator, Ronda!
"She's a very supportive primary coordinator for my MOMS Club chapter. I look forward to connecting with her and hearing her excellent advice."
~Cailin, MOMS Club of the Sammamish Plateau, WA