I have been trying to think of reasons I am thankful from MOMS Club and, even though the list is long, nothing I could put into words seemed to grasp the true reason I am thankful for MOMS Club. I am thankful for the friends I have made and good times I have enjoyed. I would like to be honest and share the most important reasons I am thankful for MOMS Club.

Being a mother is no walk in the park. I feel that society places pressure on mothers to appear to have it all together. But the truth of the matter is motherhood is chaotic. At this moment, my daughter is climbing all over my chair and demanding my attention, even though she has received my undivided attention most of the day.

*(pause while I find something for her to do)*

Nothing comes easy as a mother, no matter your background or privilege, and until I found MOMS Club, I was embarrassed to admit I was lonely, stressed out, and depressed at times. I have to admit, even though husbands are wonderful in their own way, they don’t always relate to us. Being able to admit to someone that our kids can make us frustrated (without being judged) is priceless.

MOMS Club is not just a support group, it is an outlet.

canstockphoto15282141Through MOMS Club, I have found a shoulder to cry on, a place I can share my talents, and enjoyed the talents of other moms. I have learned things through W.E.L. and received advice when I needed it. I have been encouraged to pick up a book and take the time to read when I thought I would never have time to read a book again. MOMS Club is unique because there is no requirement to have children within a certain age or to be of any particular faith. We have such a great resource in each other.

MOMS Club changes with us as we grow and change in our own lives. We can introduce new activities and get rid of ones that no longer meet our needs. We can be involved as little or as much as we want. MOMS Club helps me to feel valuable, not only as a mother, but as an individual. I have talent and value that extends beyond motherhood and so do all of you reading this.

I am thankful for MOMS Club because we can encourage each other, tough as we mothers are, we still need encouragement.

By Rose
MOMS Club of Monroe County, MI.