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We are a support group designed just for you, the at-home mother! You are interested in the world around you, want a variety of activities for you and your children, and are proud of your choice of at-home mothering for your families!

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25 November 2014

Admit it — deep down inside, you’ve always had your suspicions about fairy tale characters, haven’t you?   What did Little Bo Peep really do with her sheep?  What shenanigans were goi

24 November 2014

As MOMS Clubs chapters across North America start to get pummeled with icy weather, park days are becoming a tougher sell to kids and moms alike. What should a chapter do when the weather outside is f

19 August 2014

International MOMS Club The International MOMS Club is now a registered charity with AmazonSmile, the charitable portal to AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way to support the Internat

3 June 2014

What MOMS Club Means To Me MOMS Club means family, When you’re far from home Friends when you feel That you’re all alone, A village to help me Raise my kids Or someone understanding Of lea

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