Are you looking for a new idea for a MOMS Night Out?  The MOMS Club of Omaha-W/Bennington, NE shared their Favorite Things Moms Night Out.

Favorite ThingsEach Mom attending picked an item valued at up to $10 as their “Favorite Thing.”  The Moms were each asked to bring three of that item gift wrapped so we could easily tell what it was; with a simple bow or in a cute cellophane bag. This MNO was held in one of our homes. The “favorite things” were displayed on a table and the Moms took a peek at them while nibbling on some light appetizers. We each explained what our favorite thing was and why then we drew names to see which three Moms got to take one of their items home. Every Mom left with three unique “favorite things.” Some moms brought their favorite nail polish, lip balm, gift card, lotion, hand cream, kitchen utensil. Moms

In order to keep costs low, we encouraged Moms to think out of the box a little bit. The item had to be valued at $10 but you could grab a great sale (think Black Friday) or use your talents (think hand knit scarf). So many moms craft or Are direct sales consultants (pampered chef, 31, Stella and Dot) or are photographers and bakers and chefs that the ideas are endless! It was so much more fun than a white elephant gift exchange!!