Bras for a CauseMonique Verlato is amazing. She is the Administration Vice President of MOMS Club Palm Desert/La Quinta North.

Amazing how? Let me tell you…. She introduced, led, and energized our MOMS Club chapter with our community service project of ‘Bras for a Cause’.

“We all have bras that we do not use, let’s give them away to out of work moms or women who need them”, stated Monique at a membership meeting in September. As a chapter, we set a goal of 100 bras. She continued,’Would that not be amazing to reach that goal?!”

What is Bras for a Cause? It is part of Desert Best Friend’s Closet that assists underprivileged desert residents to obtain economic independence and self-sufficiency.They achieve this by offering new, or gently used, clothing for work, prom, or other special events.

Desert Best Friend’s Closet relies on the financial contributions, in-kind donations and volunteer efforts of individuals and companies who are committed to helping our clients take charge of their lives and become productive members of the community.Bras for a Cause

Well, now the MOMS Club Palm Desert/La Quinta North was even more amazing! As they reached their goal of 100 within three weeks. So, the chapter decided to increase the chapter goal to 200.

At the same time, the MOMS Club Palm Desert/La Quinta North decided to include the MOMS Club of Indio/La Quinta South. This is a wonderful community service project for both chapters to do together. January 11, 2011, both chapters celebrated ‘Bras for a Cause’ Day at a local park by hanging bras from the trees.

Connie Gold (Director of Desert Best Friends Closest) with a grin said, “We have never had such a large donation of bras! The biggest one was 200. What a difference a bra can make to ones self esteem. MOMS Club has impacted these women’s lives.”

The final count was MOMS Club Palm Desert/La Quinta North with 505 bras and the MOMS Club of Indio/La Quinta South with 415 bras. Amazing…920 bras! But it is not over, with the local newspaper and two news local channels covering this event, Desert Best Friend’s Closet receive more drop offs today and both chapters received more bras…reaching way over 1000 donations! AMAZING!

Submitted by:
MOMS Club Palm Deset/La Quinta North