On Friday, August 10, 2018, the moms of MOMS Club – West Los Angeles chapter’s members, with their kids and babies, gathered to complete their first service event as a chapter (chapter was founded in October 2017 and currently has nearly 20 members).

With kids in tow completing any task can be slightly complicated but this was very smooth! The group gathered in the backyard of one of its members, who led this service event, to handwrite and draw inspirational cards to benefit Girls Love Mail – a non-profit organization that sends cards to women who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

The event was named “Cards and Cupcakes” as every gathering deserves cupcakes for hard work! It was also a teaching moment for the kids as they had to explain WHY (sending a complete stranger a card), WHO (someone diagnosed with cancer) and WHAT (significance of breast cancer). The chapter completed 34 cards and sent them to Girls Love Mail corporate office in California. The chapter hopes to complete another service project in the fall and maybe another Cards and Cookies – to keep things interesting!