One popular activity we see in MOMS Club chapters is a book club – an opportunity for moms to get together and have a little bit of adult conversation.   But with all the demands from their families, many moms struggle to find time to read the entire book in time for the meeting.  (Leading, of course, to a bunch of flashbacks to high school English class and the fear of getting called on!)

The MOMS Club of Stapleton, CO, has a way to get around the time crunch.  Instead of a book club, the chapter has started a monthly Article Club.  The moms pick an interesting feature article from a leading magazine for the moms to read, and then discuss the article over coffee.   Moms are not on the hook to purchase the article (as they would for a book), and it becomes a great way for moms to stay informed and chat about interesting topics without the heavy time investment of a full-length book.

Sleep TogetherAt the first meeting, the chapter discussed an article from The Atlantic entitled “Why We Sleep Together”, discussing the history of marital sleeping arrangements.  The article club was a great success, and the chapter is looking forward to next month’s article!