13934626_1201299223225034_1698911982976004748_nThey say good fences make good neighbors and that’s exactly what the MOMS Club of Mt. Juliet/Lebanon, TN set out to show.  This week, the fence they had fundraised for was installed around a local toddler park.  Reaction from the community was immediate when the Mt. Juliet Parks & Recreation announced it on their Facebook page: “Thank you so much! This is awesome, now the little kids can play and not be able to run off and can be safe” said one local mom.  Another mom commented that “So HaPpY about this!! I would constantly chase my little one because she would run towards to parking lot!! Much needed!!”

The fundraising portion of the project happened mostly last year with many fundraisers and business donations.

Congratulations moms, what a great way to help make your community safer!