10388630_321529921384430_5571868728225173899_nWhile most of us are scrambling around preparing for the Christmas holidays, we have the comfort of knowing that it’s a time that will be spent with family, friends and loved ones. For those deployed overseas, however, Christmas can be a heart-wrenching time.

The MOMS Club of Pickering Valley, PA, has found the perfect way to kick off the holiday season. The chapter runs an annual gift drive called “Love From Chester County”, where they assemble Christmas care packages for military personnel stationed overseas.

10437772_322598967944192_8788323869222531063_nLauren, one of the chapter members, explains the humble beginnings:

“About seven years ago I attended a night out at a friend’s house who was packing up boxes for her brother when he was in Iraq. I thought it was such a great idea I took it to my MOMS Club in East Lyme, CT. We did it three times together and then when I moved to Pennsylvania I took the project with me. I proposed it my MOMS Club President three years ago and we’ve been doing it every November ever since!”

8972_322635371273885_7321446290981220535_nWhile it started small, it continues to grow. The number of boxes has been doubling every year – next year, they might need a U-Haul to take everything to the post office!


Post office receipt

The MOMS Club members take charge of the fundraising and the planning, but the whole community gets involved – the project involves local pre-schools, gyms, salons, and other business in the area.

After all the planning, the chapter has a crazy 24 hours as they pack everything up and get it to the post office. Even the folks at the post office remember the project every year! And why not, this year the chapter sent 109 BOXES – 1308 POUNDS worth of items!!