When Annie’s friend suffered a family tragedy that left her caring for two little boys – she turned to Annie for suggestions and advice. Annie turned to her chapter to ask for ideas and to see if anyone would be willing to help. Though Annie’s friend was in Michigan and Annie’s chapter was on Ohio – they didn’t let a few miles stop them from reaching out and helping a mom in need.

The moms of the MOMS Club of Medina-E, OH started to gather clothes and other supplies that were needed to help this instant family. Reaching into their closets and hearts, they managed to pull together a 16 lb box of clothes and sent them off to Michigan.
The box was a huge help but Annie’s friend was still in need of some winter items. That’s when the MOMS Club of Dearborne, MI stepped in. They did not know Annie or her friend – but they knew there was a mom in need and they wanted to help. They also pulled together supplies and, importantly, winter clothes for the boys. They met with Annie’s friend to give her their donation directly.

These two chapters, 170 miles apart, came together to help this family. They made a rough situation a whole lot better and showed how far moms will go to help each other out.