7Summer isn’t too far away – and veteran MOMS Club members know that the club dynamics can change a bit when the bigger kids are on summer holiday.   The MOMS Club of Bristow-N, VA, decided last year to think about activities geared at school-aged children – and landed on a Summer Cookin’ activity that was great fun for all ages!

Summer Cookin’ was a weekly activity, running for ten weeks in the summer.  Interested moms volunteered and picked their week, and a theme or recipe for the kids.   The kids brought a notebook to the first meeting and decorated it to be their recipe book, in which they would put the printed out recipe from each session.  They had some great kid-friendly recipes:


The activity had lots of flexibility – with families on vacation at varying times, of course nobody could make every session – but that didn’t get in the way!   Host moms got to pick the day and time, to suit what worked for them.  2The chapter provided a way for moms to highlight allergies and other food limitations.  And while the activity was geared toward school-aged children, younger kids were still welcome to attend (and had a great time along with the older ones!)