Nothing is harder as a mom than not being able to provide the necessities for your children.  The MOMS Club of West Chester, PA decided they wanted to make that burden a bit easier for some local moms in need of basic baby supplies – diapers and wipes for donation to a local diaper bank.

Chapter with diaper bank donationThe chapter started off their project by budgeting some money to acquire diapers and wipes for donation to The Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank.  The Diaper Bank’s belief is that everyone, adults, children and babies, all deserve to be clean and dry.  As many as 1 in 3 US families have trouble affording diapers at some point in their baby or toddler’s life.  To help families with this, the diaper bank collects diapers and distributes them to homeless shelters, food pantries, and other service organizations.  The Diaper Bank even sent diapers down to Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico to help after the recent disasters there.

Diaper bank donation

The chapter purchased as many diapers and wipes as they could with their budget.  Then, something special happened – chapter members decided they wanted to do more!  Many of the moms went out and bought even more diapers and wipes to increase what the chapter was able to donate.  When all the diapers were counted, the chapter had managed to donate a whopping 5,000 diapers and 2,000 wipes!

We all know how much happier a baby is with a clean, dry diaper — and a happy baby makes for a happier mom.  With their efforts and their dedication, the MOMS Club of West Chester was able to put a smile on the faces of hundreds of babies (and moms) throughout Philadelphia!