We hear from a lot of chapters looking for ideas for their service project. Finding a project that provides meaningful help to a local community group, while involving lots of chapter members (and hopefully the kids!), and fitting into the busy schedules of a group of moms — this is no easy feat.


The MOMS Club of Fresno North, CA, has found a great service project by volunteering at their local Ronald McDonald House, an organization that provides support for out-of-town families who have children receiving medical care at a local hospital (in this case at the Children’s Hospital Central California in Madera). The chapter started volunteering at Ronald McDonald House last year, at the suggestion of a chapter member. The experience has been so positive for the chapter that they are now volunteering once a quarter!


The chapter gets involved right from beginning to end. They decide what meals to cook, shops for the food ahead of time; cook the food at Ronald McDonald House (with two huge kitchens!); set it up in crock pots to keep it warm; and put signs up to let the parents know what’s available. Ronald McDonald House gives the chapter two hours to prepare the meal — the chapter usually starts at 10am and the meals are ready for 12pm. Families eat whenever they can, so they certainly appreciate not having to worry about where to find a warm and delicious meal while they’re focusing on their child’s medical needs.

The most recent volunteer date for the MOMS Club of Fresno North was February 17 — the chapter selected breakfast burritos (yum!) and even got some of the chapter’s 5-year-olds involved in assembling the burritos. On previous dates, the chapter has cooked Indian food, lentil soup, and naan. The next date to cook is April 14, and the chapter is already looking forward to its next opportunity to help the community!