My name is Marlene Christou and I wanted to submit a wonderful event that took place this past weekend, May 18th. My husband and I own a tavern here in Western New York. I am also part of the Ken-Ton MOMS Club. A member, Mary, came up with the idea to host a fundraiser to raise money and awareness for The Climb Out of Walk Darkness taking in June. I told her we would be more than happy to host this event at our bar, Mitchell’s Tavern. A lot of us in the club share stories of postpartum depression and anxiety and we wanted to go above and beyond and raise money to help women less fortunate find the help they need for this cause. 75% of the money that is raised for the walk is staying right here in Buffalo to be donated to The Priscilla Project. The rest will go to the Postpartum Support International (PSI). I asked many businesses and vendors for help and so many companies came through to help us out for this specific cause. We sold almost 60 tickets and had almost 40 people show up. We had over 45 baskets to raffle off plus a 50/50 raffle and by the end of the night we raised $2000.00 for this cause!!!!! We had the idea that $1000 would be a nice number but never imagined $2000. I honestly couldn’t believe all the money that was raised and donated. Amazing what can happen when we all work together! Wanted to share this story because it was our first fundraiser and it was beyond successful! Thank you Ken-Ton MOMS

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Ken-Ton MOMS Club, New York