We are the Ft. Wright Area MOMS Club in Northern Kentucky. I am incredibly proud of our awesome members and wanted to share a story with you.

In less than a week we raised almost $1,100 from our group to help a mother in urgent need. She arrived at a homeless shelter close to where we live with six children right before Thanksgiving. We are located close to Cincinnati and have quite frigid temperatures here. The mother and children arrived in nothing but shorts and short sleeves. From the funds we raised we were able to buy underwear, socks, clothing and shoes. The little girl held up her freshly washed sweatshirt and kept smelling the clean laundry scent with a smile because her clothes usually aren’t washed.

We plan to adopt this family for Christmas and make their toy dreams come true in a couple weeks! Thanks for letting us share a little holiday joy with each of you.

Submitted by:
MOMS Club of Ft. Wright Area, KY