As we all know, life with kids can result in a less than pristine car.


Photo by Red Sox Bat Girl

The MOMS Club of Honeoye Falls-Lima, NY decided to take action and hosted their very own “Clean summer out of your car” party (though this would work well during any season warm enough to be outside in).

The moms gathered in a cul-de-sac of one member and got to work. Garbage bags were filled, Goo Gone was liberally applied to all visible goo. As all the junk was removed from the cars, they took turns at the shop vac. station to get all the remaining little bits out.

Because this was a party, there were of course prizes! Awards went to “oldest fry” and the mom whose trash bag weighed the most.

A fun way for members to spend the afternoon and get a little chore done at the same time!