969473_438104686290960_845936962_nFor the past several years, our chapter (MOMS Club of Placentia-North, CA) has put together a holiday book exchange in December! It started as a way to give kids, who may not have very much, an opportunity during the holidays to receive a small gift. We sign up for drinks and snacks, and meet at a local park where the kids can run around like crazy and the mommies can chat!

1475840_438104809624281_2095643724_nThe way it works is that everyone brings a gently used children’s book from home, either a holiday book or any other book that they can part with. We count the wrapped books once everyone is there, and the kids get to draw numbers to see what order they pick. It’s always hard for those little hands to not be impulsive and grab a present and open it! How fun it is to see what book they get though. This year we had 16 books in our exchange, and we seem to get more and more kids and moms involved each year. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to promote literacy for our young ones. Hopefully we will continue this tradition for years to come!