Our MOMS Club of Germantown – North, MD chapter tried a new game at our annual Holiday MNO and it turned out great! Everyone had a lot of fun and several asked for the rules so they could play it with their extended family to liven up their holiday parties. In the past we’ve done a regular white elephant exchange, but that can always be hit or miss depending on the personalities involved. This game forces people to get out of their comfort zone and interact.
The Holiday Dice Christmas Exchange Game Supplies: 1 die 1 timer 3-5 wrapped gifts per participant (we asked everyone to bring 3-5 gifts that totaled around $10. Examples include gloves, notebooks, homemade cookies, holiday themed towels, card games, lip balm, a kitchen gadget. Our most popular items were a set of Santa salt and pepper shakers and a can of Uno dice.)

There are three rounds of play. We found it easiest to explain each round as we went. Be sure to clear off the table because things will get wild!

Round one: Everyone sits in a circle and one person rolls a die. If the die lands on a six or a three, the person gets to select a gift. Pass the die to the person on the left and continue in this fashion until all gifts have been claimed. Some people may end up with a lot of gifts, some may have none. It is all in the luck of the roll! DO NOT UNWRAP THE GIFTS!

Round 2: Set a timer for five minutes. It’s time to roll the die again! Whenever someone rolls a six or a three they steal a gift from someone else. Keep rolling and stealing until the timer goes off. After the timer goes off, unwrap all the gifts. Take a few moments to go around the table and have each MOM showcase her pile of gifts so people can get an idea of what they want to steal.

Round 3: Set the timer for five minutes. Do another round of dice rolling and present stealing. When the timer goes off, the game is over and you can keep whatever gifts you end up with!

Submitted by:
Carrie, Membership VP
MOMS Club of Germantown – North, MD