Hurricane Harvey:

One of the difficulties in any emergency is getting the word out to those who have been affected that we’re both thinking about them, and ready to help.

For Hurricane Harvey, we have 21 chapters in the general Houston area.  We have contacted or attempted repeatedly to contact all of them, and each of the chapters has been reaching out to all of their members to make sure they are ok.

Obviously some of them are not ok… we have many members who were evacuated and potentially 15 or more who were flooded out of their homes.

We have received grant requests for three of them so far, and are anticipating more requests this week.

We are asking that all grant requests for damages from Harvey be submitted this week, because we want to be able to make the grants as soon as possible, so the families have funds when they need it most — now as they regroup and rebuild their lives.

If your chapter has a member whose home was damaged in Harvey, please contact the MOMS Club volunteer who helps your chapter NOW so you can get the information needed to submit your grant request.  If you do not know who your volunteer is, email

When your mom submits her information, please have her include pictures of the damage and/or flooding.  A picture really is worth a thousand words.  It will help the Committee determine a grant amount and let other moms see the need that they are helping.

Included are some pictures we’re received so far from MOMS Club members.




Hurricane Irma:


We also have many chapters in Florida that have been affected by Hurricane Irma.  We were in contact with all of them before the Hurricane hit and will continue to reach out as Irma passes and the damage can be assessed.

We anticipate that some of those moms will also need grants and will start collecting their requests as soon as the moms are back in their homes.  Again, pictures are very important.  Please include them in any grant requests.

Our thoughts and prayers will also be with the MOMS Club members in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee, as Irma moves north, because even dying hurricanes can spawn tornadoes.  If any of your members in those areas are affected by flooding or tornadoes, please let your MOMS Club volunteer know!