MOMS Club is great for so many reasons but being able to connect with women who really understand your situation is one of the best.

I’m so grateful to have a fabulous board members to work with this year. When I asked them at the beginning of our board year if there was any projects or charities near and dear to their heart, our MVP asked if she could lead a project for Infant Loss Awareness as a means of healing from her own loss.

She organized the purchase, assembly, and distribution of 100 care packages to be handed out to moms in emergency rooms that had recently suffered a loss. Notecards were distributed and hand written messages were penned with love from our group of moms. We assembled the sachets at our business meeting and everyone was eager to help make this project possible.

In addition to the 100 care packages, she organized and hosted a Loss Rememberance Ceremony at our waterfront pier. The event was open to the public and candles were provided to attendees.

This was such a touching and meaningful project and I’m just so proud of her. I wish her all the strength that she’s most certainly passed on to our community in so many ways.

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MOMS Club of Vancouver-South, Washington