New International Chapter Registration

This registration is for INTERNATIONAL chapters ONLY. 
If you are starting a chapter in the United States, please RETURN and select the correct State


$30.00   New Chapter Registration Fee
$  5.00   Online Payment Processing Fee
$35.00   Total Startup Cost

By submitting this order,  I, an at-home mother, agree that I wish to start a local MOMS Club for the at-home mothers in my community. This MOMS Club shall be operated in a nonprofit manner and shall not be used for business, political or religious purposes. I want this chapter to be included under the International MOMS Club’s nonprofit status. Included is a payment for $30 for this group’s first annual registration fee

Chapter Name Requested:
Chapter names should represent the region the chapter will cover (for example: MOMS Club of Happyville, MOMS Club of Funtown-Downtown, MOMS Club of Glad City-N).

Chapter Boundaries Requested:
The International MOMS Club will designate a geographic territory for your group based on the demographics of your area, but if you have a preference, please note it.