MNO GroupAdmit it — deep down inside, you’ve always had your suspicions about fairy tale characters, haven’t you?   What did Little Bo Peep really do with her sheep?  What shenanigans were going on in the old woman’s shoe?  And if the princess got black and blue from sleeping on a pea, could you imagine what would happen if she stepped on a Lego?

Small Group MNOThe MOMS Club of West Fargo-IR, ND, put all these questions to the ultimate test at a recent Moms Night Out – a Fairy Tale Murder Mystery!   The dinner party was hosted by the chapter’s AVP, and featured a shocking crime:   Sleeping Beauty, murdered!   And even True Love’s Kiss could do nothing to resuscitate her.

As the moms pondered clue after clue, they tried to pin down a suspect.  Bo PeedWho could have done such a deed?  Maleficent had an airtight alibi this time, and there were no spinning wheels in the vicinity.  In the end, the mystery was tricky, as nobody guessed the identity of the culprit.

Prizes were awarded for best dressed, most money, and best acting – but most of all, the moms had a blast!  And of course, they all lived happily ever after.