quilt2The best service projects tend to be the ones that combine something we enjoy doing with something we are passionate about. ¬†This couldn’t be more true for the MOMS Club of¬†Ahwatukee-North, AZ. The chapter president, Alisha, found a sense of calm in the whirl of a sewing machine. Taught to quilt at a young age by her grandmother, it is something she has always had a passion for.

This passion spilled over to her chapter. Initially, they started to create college t-shirt quilts to benefit a local PTA. When they realized how popular the quilts were, they expanded their project to benefit all the elementary schools in their district. Using college t-shirts that were donated to the chapter, the moms created beautiful quilts that have helped raise hundreds of dollars for the local schools.
The project has been embraced by the community as donations of t-shirts and materials continue. The chapter is very excited to be able to help in a way that has so much meaning for them and is even more excited to see how it continues to grow.