Many chapters honor those members who step up for the board, lead a committee or even run an event or project.  Those roles are all very important and deserve a special recognition.  A chapter, though, is only as strong as all of its members — and it was this belief that inspired the MOMS Club of Augusta, GA, to honor all the attendees of their end-of-the-year celebration/new-year-kickoff family event.

Members after recognition


Though the chapter hosts Brunch Buddies once a month at a member’s house, this special family event is a chapter tradition.  The event is held at the incoming president’s house and spouses, partners, and kids are all invited to come and participate.  Each member brings a brunch dish to share and, at this special event, they celebrate the great things the chapter did in the previous year and get the membership excited about the upcoming year.

Members with recognition certificatesTo make the event even more special this year, the chapter decided to present each member in attendance with special recognition certificates.  Each certificate was customized to recognize something fun that member did to contribute to their chapter being awesome.  The chapter tried to keep the recognitions light and funny — “Most likely to give you an English and History lesson in general conversation” — but also took the time to honor specific contributions, such as “being most responsive to emails”, “being most welcoming to current and prospective members”, and “being able to bake your grandma’s socks off with her cakes and desserts.”  The certificates were a huge hit with all the members!  Each one of them left with a feeling of recognition and appreciation for what they did to make the chapter as awesome as it is.


T-shirts and recognition certificate for t-shirt design

This year, the chapter also unveiled and present their new t-shirt design.  The event truly set the year off on a great foot and got everyone ready for a fabulous year ahead!