M2M Grant Requests


Please read this section before filling out the questions!

If your chapter is requesting assistance from the Mother-to-Mother Fund for one of your members, please read the Mother-to-Mother Fund Fact Sheet. It contains important information on what kinds of grants can be given and what kinds cannot.

Before you ask for a grant, be sure the situation fits what we can help. There are many situations we cannot help with – divorce, unemployment, and birth defects are a few. We understand those are very difficult challenges for any mother, but they cannot be helped by the Fund.

If the situation might qualify for a grant, first ask the mother-in-need if she wants you to apply for her. Some people are very private. They do not want assistance nor for people to know they have a problem. If that is the case, we cannot give a grant. While we do not publish the names of grant recipients, we do publish information about the grants that are given, and it would be easy for people who know the mother to figure out if a grant was given and how much.

Only a chapter may apply for a grant for a member. The grant request should be filled out by a member of the Executive Board. That officer will be the liaison between the Mother-to-Mother Fund Committee and the mother-in-need. A mother-in-need may not apply for a grant on her own. The request has to come from the chapter, but the chapter may work with the mother to answer the questions here. If an officer is not available, due to a natural disaster or other problem, then another member may submit the request, but the Board will be contacted to confirm the information.

Be as specific as possible in answering the questions. Be sure to fill out all questions before submitting the form!

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