Reviewing Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the new MIMI Financial Report Wizard! As you can see, there have been a lot of changes to our financial reports this year. We are hoping this will make filling out these reports simpler and smoother for chapters to fill out and easier for you to review. Though we hope that most of the changes will make the reports pretty self explanatory, below are some answers to some of our more frequently asked questions.

One of my chapters submitted their report, how do I get to it?

You can access a specific chapter’s report by finding them in your Chapter List and visiting their chapter page. At the bottom of the page, you’ll notice two new buttons to allow you to view their board report (listing of their board members for next year) and financial report (financial report for last year). Pressing one of these buttons will allow you to view the submitted information..

I want to view my chapter's board report but the button is disabled!

If the board report button is disabled, your chapter hasn’t submitted their board report yet.

My chapter is having an issue and I want see their financial report.

Once your chapter has started working on their financial report, you will be able to view their progress. Financial reports are read only to coordinators so you will be able to view their financial information but you will not be able to make any edits or changes, it’s up to the chapter to make those.

I want to make notes on a report but I don't see how.

Coordinators are only able to answer review questions, mark notes, etc. on a report once it has been submitted by a chapter. When your chapter has finished and pressed the Submit & Print button you will be able to review the entire report.

My chapter made a mistake on their report and wants to fix something. Can they?

Once a report has been submitted, chapters are no longer able to make changes to the report. However, you do have the option to Unsubmit the report using the button at the bottom of your view. When you press this button, the report will no longer be in a submitted state and the chapter will be able to make changes again and then re-submit when they are finished.

Can I get a list of all my chapters who have submitted reports?

Yes! There are several new reports added to allow you to get a list of all your chapters and where they are at with their report submittions (did you know you can sort those by just clicking on the header column name??). You can view either all chapters that report to you or just the ones that you are the primary coordinator for.

I'm not listed as the reviewer on a report, can I review it anyway?

Um, you can – but it may be best to wait. Check with your supervising coordinator on this one. ☺

Okay, we're finished reviewing, now what?

If you are the first reviewer and the chapter had no major issues you may finish their review by assigning the report to your RC to mark the report as “Review Complete”. If the chapter had problems that requires you to have a secondary review, you will assign the report to the secondary reviewer. Once they have completed their review, they will assign the report to the RC who will mark the report as “Review Complete”.

Whoops, I marked a report as review complete by mistake? Can I fix it??

You can’t unmark a report as review complete but we can do it on the back end. Please let your Supervising Coordinator know if you need this done.

ACK! Something went wrong and I don't know what to do and I don't see an answer here.

If you have any problems or questions, please see your Supervising Coordinator.