Late last year, the MOMS Club of Antioch, CA was forced to respond to tragedy in their chapter when one of their member’s children passed away from SIDS at 11 months old. It rocked and devastated their chapter but it also united them in support for their fellow member. They knew they had to take action – and they did.

Members immediately started to provide emotional support to the mom. There aren’t enough words to help in that sort of situation but they were there to listen, cry and be there. Shortly after, the chapter setup a fund to help pay for the funeral and other expenses that would indubitable come up. Donations started to pour in. They opened the fund up to the community and raised over $12,000 in a very short period of time.

The chapter didn’t stop there – they hosted a cut-a-thon where a hair stylist offered a flat rate for haircuts and donated to the family. They even arranged several boutiques where local vendors were able to sell their products and donate a portion back to the family.


The chapter truly rallied behind their member, supporting her in every way they could. When they submitted their story, they said “The MOMS in MOMS Club is just that MOMS Offering Moms Support. That is especially important when something terrible happens” – that sums it up very well. Our hearts and thoughts remain with our fellow MOMS Club member while she continues to heal and the chapter as they continue to support her.