If you had to name one sure-fire hit for the under-6 crowd, wouldn’t you pick fire trucks? The MOMS Club of Henderson-East, NV, gave it a go – and sure enough, it was a blast – for kids and moms alike!
On January 15, the club went on a field trip to Clark County Fire Station 11. (For those of you familiar with the Las Vegas area, the fire station is on the south end of the Strip, just south of the Mandalay Bay hotel.) Luckily enough, the chapter had an inside connection – Ron, a MOMS Club husband, is also a seasoned fire-fighter and served as the fire station’s host for the field trip.

SAM_0506So, how do you entertain a bunch of little kids at a fire station? Where do you start?!? The kids got a tour of the fire station, which included a chance to crawl through one of the fire trucks. Then, a chance to live out every toddler’s dream: spraying water out of a fire hose! They also got some fire safety tips from the fire fighters, and each received a coloring book as a way to remember the trip.

As a thank-you for the hospitality, the kids made a thank-you card which is proudly sitting in the kitchen of the fire station.

SAM_0517Thanks to the crew at Clark County Fire Station 11 for a “scorching” good time!