Every year the Avon Grove MOMS club hosts a free Preschool Expo open to the entire community. This year, we invited 20 schools including 3 extra curricular programs. Our music program offered a free class while the expo was going on in order to keep kids entertained while parents asked questions at each table. It was a big hit! We also offered coffee, snacks and tons of kid friendly activities. Both vendors and those who attended were very pleased with this team effort. The best part is that our MOMS club will now look forward to some free activities these schools are offering as a way to give parents a tour while kids are occupied.
“I’m so proud of the women that pulled together such an awesome one stop shop for parents. It is such a unique way to make choosing preschools and Kindergarten programs with ease. We are especially thankful to Upland Country Day School for hosting us in their gym!”, says President Tiffany Steele. “We are all about easing motherhood decisions for our members and this event is always a favorite.”
The Avon Grove chapter did not charge any fees for vendors to be a part of this day. Instead they asked that each school bring a kid friendly activity to keep kids occupied so that parents could ask questions.
“It was a great day for all,” said Tiffany. “We are so blessed with a community that is willing to be a part of our big events.”

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MOMS Club of Avon Grove, Pennsylvania