We got the 4-1-1 on this wicked moms’ night host hosted by Fort Collins-East, CO. They held a Glamour Shots MNO and had a mad time!
web9270They began the night by testing their 90’s knowledge with a quiz they printed just for the occasion. The grand prize was a grande size supply of Aquanet hair spray! They then shared appetizers and drinks before they donned various shades of neon lipstick and got serious for the camera. Lots of laughs as they revisited the glamorous 90’s!

web9267The goal was to incorporate as many poses as possible from an article they found on The Key Ingredients to a Successful Glamour Shot article they found online.

  • Play up your hands – check
  • Wear a feather boa- check
  • Bring a friend – double check

Judging by what we’ve seen, it looks like they did really well.

What a fly MNO! I’m outtie!