When the MOMS Club of Round Rock-S, TX decided a December field trip was in order, they hit the rails and took the moms and kids into downtown Austin to the Four Seasons Hotel. They say that getting there is half the fund and for the kids – this could not have been truer.


Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why on earth a chapter would go to a hotel for a field trip. Turns out, since the 1980s, the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin is host to a Gingerbread Village. This year, the village was themed after WhoVille. Complete with a replicate of Cindy Lou Who’s House and the town center Christmas tree – it was an impressive sight for both the moms and kids.


Turns out though, the best part of the trip – was the train ride! In fact, the chapter is already planning another trip on the train because the kids loved it so much.

Do you have a train system near you? Maybe a train trip field trip could be in your chapter’s future too!