Let’s be candid… just between us moms — who doesn’t get a little thrill at those three magic words – “BACK TO SCHOOL”? Unfortunately, for a lot of parents, Back to School puts a significant financial burden on the family. Think of all the notebooks, pens and pencils, scissors, binders, erasers… it adds up in a hurry for a family in need.

1-ImageThe MOMS Club of Southern Highlands, NV, saw an opportunity to help students in their community. In August 2013 – just in time for Back-to-School! — they collected school supplies for a local charity that works with providing supplies to low-income and homeless students in Clark County. That way, the students and their families can focus their minds on reading, writing and ‘rithmetic for the new school year.

1-Image2Twice a year, the chapter also puts together Battle Boxes – these are shoe boxes that the kids decorate and then fill with activities, games or toys. The Battle Boxes are given to children at a local children’s hospital, to help brighten their day and just be a kid.