The MOMS Club of Eden Prairie Minnesota often does a Fall Service Project, such as a food drive or school supply drive, but this year we decided to do something new. We contacted our local PROP (People Reaching Out to People) Food Shelf about making winter supple kits for the homeless and they said they collect Winter Supply Backpacks for Homeless or Couch Surfing Teenagers in our community. We got a list from PROP of the suggested items for the backpacks and sent it out to our club members to see if we could get some donations from them. We ended up making 22 Winter Supply Backpacks that contained deodorant, lotion, toothbrush and paste, shampoo, winter hat, winter gloves, granola bars, an insulated coffee mug, instant oatmeal packet, ramen noodles, instant hot chocolate, Kleenex, and 11 had feminine products in them. All of the items were purchased by club members and the backpacks were put together by several club member as well. It was a great service project and we will most likely do it again next year.

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MOMS Club of Eden Prairie, Minnesota