MOMS Club chapters are always looking for great ideas for service projects that will get the whole chapter (moms and kids alike!) excited.  Some chapters, however, have so many great ideas that the best option is bundling them all together.  The MOMS Club of Greater Avon Grove Area, PA, held an event that was three fundraisers in one:  a yard sale, a raffle, and a pumpkin painting!  It was a yard sale with a twist.

For the yard sale, chapter members (along with an outside donor) contributed clothes, shoes, bottles, toys and even a breast pump (among many other items) to sell.  For the raffle, one of the members pulled together three gifts baskets to raffle off, including an Italian-themed basket, a coffee lovers basket, and a holiday readiness basket (with cookie baking products and a coupon book).

And then… the pumpkin painting!  This is where the kids had their time to shine.  The chapter president bought pumpkins from a local farm and set up a painting station for kids to decorate their very own pumpkin.   They had a great range of decorations – paint, googly eyes, stickers and sparkles!  They sold the pumpkins – small ones for $3, and large ones for $5 – and everyone left with a great decoration for their house on Halloween!

The entire event was held in conjunction with a local church craft fair, which held bring out the crowds and made it a fun community event too.  All in all, the MOMS Club of Greater Avon Grove Area raised over $500 for the Mother-to-Mother Fund – and they collected a pile of goods which they drove to a local church shelter.  Most of all, they walked away with a great sense of pride at being able to help out their fellow moms – and are already looking forward to their next fundraiser!