Keeping a restless toddler occupied has to rank among one of motherhood’s biggest challenges. Left to their own devices, there’s no telling what they’ll spill, break, lose, throw or swallow next!Busy bag samples

The MOMS Club of Highlands Ranch-W, CO, decided to turn this problem into a fun group activity – a toddler busy bag swap! They found some simple instructions online for making busy bags, and invited moms from the chapter to take part. It was hugely popular with chapter members – they got 17 moms to participate!

Moms collected empty containers, cut felt, glued sticks, printed pictures, and made strings for the bags. Some moms worked on it alone, while others worked on the bags during playdates.

More busy bagsAt the final swap meet, the moms shared bags with each other, and the kids gave them a test drive. For each mom, it was a bit of a time investment – but in the end, the kids loved the bags, and the moms will all get a few precious minutes to themselves.


Full set of busy bags