Looking for a new idea to get folks out to your chapter’s general meetings and perhaps raise a little bit of money for your service projects at the same time?  Meet the dinner draw!

“What is a dinner draw?”, you ask. I asked too! Here is the description from the chapter.

Selection Indian Take Away Dishes In Foil ContainersWe had a sign-up sheet for the dinner raffle at every meeting and it was usually filled up months in advance. It kind of became a thing where everyone would bring their “A” game and make whatever was their specialty. Moms looked forward to making the meal as well as winning it! The dinner included a main dish, sides and dessert. It was a full meal. Sometimes moms would double up. One would do the meal and one the dessert. We made quite a bit of money every month from it. Tickets were only $1 but we’d all spend $5 – $20 each month trying to win it! There was always an email a few days before letting us know who was making the meal and what it was. We’d all get super excited about winning every month and having the night off from cooking!

Submitted by Nadine.