Hurricane Harvey is hitting Texas hard, and we have many chapters in the affected area.  We know we have members who have been flooded out of their homes, and we hope to be able to post pictures as they come in to us.

All chapters are being contacted by our volunteers to make sure their members are ok and to find out what their long term needs are.  It may take a while before we know, because so many may be evacuated, but we will keep trying to reach them until each and every member has been accounted for.

When the waters recede, we’ll be accepting Mother-To-Mother Fund requests for disaster grants from the chapters in those areas.  Because of the extent of the devastation, we will be collecting all the grant requests before making any grants to ensure that every member-in-need is considered fairly and equally.

In the meantime, if your chapter has been thinking about donating to the Mother-To-Mother Fund in the future, please consider moving your donation up to now.  If your chapter has never donated or if it has been a while, this is an excellent time to donate.

Donations can be made either by credit card online here or by check, made out to International MOMS Club, Mother-To-Mother Fund, 1464 Madera Rd. #N-191, Simi Valley, CA, 93065.

Thank you to all our MOMS Club sisters who have been asking about our moms in Texas!  We will keep you posted!

MOMS Club Love,
Mary James
Founder and Chairman
International MOMS Club


UPDATE – 8-27-2017

A MOMS Club member and volunteer for International had to flee her home in Dickinson, TX, today — She was at home with her husband and daughter.  They tried to leave when they had 2 feet of water in the house (single story) and her daughter spiked 102* temp.  Rigged the truck so they had an exhaust pipe from the hood – made it out of their neighborhood and then the truck flooded. Swam about 3 miles before someone picked them up and are now on dryland.


Texas Members — if you have any pictures of YOUR home, please send them with your story!  But, please!  Take care of yourselves first!  Don’t put yourselves at risk to send us pictures!