If there’s two consistent struggles we hear most frequently from chapters – “how do we raise money” and “how do we attract new members” rise to the top of the list. The MOMS Club of Whittier-E, CA found a creative way to kill two birds with one stone – and enjoy some great food and fun times with the kids!

E1791373-D797-4B60-9BEC-C9CEF927391AIn September 2013, the MOMS Club of Whittier-E, CA organized a Food Truck Lunch Party and Open House. The chapter organized an event that attracted four gourmet food trucks (including a breakfast truck and a dessert truck) that each donated 10% of their sales for the three-hour event. In addition to the food trucks, there was free face painting and a volunteer DJ, which made for an incredibly festive and fun atmosphere that really made its voice heard!

BCFE4452-78B3-45C8-BC07-3E19BF0CB943The chapter relied on invaluable support from across the community: Joann’s donated the parking lot space, Staples donated printed flyers which a graphic designer created for free, a party rental company donated the chairs for the event, and The Whittier Daily News advertised the event during the week prior for no charge.

The results?

  • $359 in chapter fund-raising (from the food truck sales and donations) – 20% was donated to the Mother-to-Mother fund, and the remainder will go to a local Community Service project
  • Two new members for the chapter
  • Increased awareness of MOMS Club in the Whittier community
  • Lots of fun times, colorful faces and full tummies!

196C14AF-540F-4348-A39E-8D52DEAFCB5CCongratulations to President Amy, past President Veronica, and the rest of the MOMS Club of Whittier-E for a successful event, and a fantastic idea for others!