Who knows — the next generation of Winter Olympians could be sitting in MOMS Club playgroups today. Think of how much Olympians have in common with our kids: They love to go faster than everyone else, they’re utterly fearless about activities that petrify normal people, and they love sparkly costumes. And those figure skaters seem to be getting younger every year… who’s to say that the little kids practicing dance steps in your play room today won’t be figure skating champions in 2026?

So… what better way to get the kids in the Olympic spirit than an Olympics kickoff party!

1604593_891831596584_1383249997_nThe MOMS Club of Grand Haven, MI (who, like many of us, have been experiencing some true winter weather lately!) held an Olympics kickoff party on February 7 – the day of the Opening Ceremonies. The kids made gold, silver and bronze medals to drape around their necks, and could take photos on a Team USA-themed medals podium. They made Olympic “torches” using ice cream cones filled with popcorn. To reinforce the international flavor of the Olympics, the club also served cheeses from many countries around the world.


The kids and the moms had a fantastic time – already looking forward to Rio 2016. (Or… It’s not too late to pull together a Closing Ceremonies party!)
Thanks to the MOMS Club of Grand Haven, MI for another wonderful playgroup idea!