Ever have a hard time spotting other MOMS Club members at a crowded park or activity? Here’s what one chapter does!

I am a member of the Ithaca, NY, chapter and came up with an idea last fall when we joined. We’re a large group and it’s difficult to know if someone else at a public play date, such as the park, is part of the group. Especially when you are new to the group. So, we are tying black and white polka dot ribbons to our purses/diaper bags to publicly show our membership. That way, you aren’t introducing yourself to random strangers and asking if they are part of the Moms Club too. It’s been working really well for us! — Laura

Such an easy id! Almost like a secret code, and a colorful one!


Pictured: Laura’s adorable daughter sports a black and white polka dot ribbon on her diaper bag so other MOMS Club members can spot her mom at the Apple Festival in upstate NY.