Often, chapters think of Moms’ Night Out as being a time to go out and have some fun without the kids.  Though that sort of night out is great (and a lot of fun!), some chapters decide to take the time to learn new skills — something that can be just as tough to do with a toddler in tow.  That’s what the MOMS Club of Whittier, CA did when they turned their monthly moms’ night into an educational experience and made themselves just a little bit safer.

The moms of Whittier met at a local martial arts studio for a self-defense class.  The instructor taught them some basic moves of Krav Maga, a military self-defense system.  The moms learned punches and kicks, and then they practiced them using the punching bags.  The instructor also went over where to hold your hands if someone attacks you and laws involving self-defense. Finally, they did some drills involving a fake gun and how to protect yourself.  Most importantly the instructor taught them to remain calm (obviously much easier said than done!) and that as women we need to be confident. We are stronger than we realize!

The chapter had a great turnout — everyone that joined really loved it, and the event even brought out several moms who don’t normally make it out to MNO.   The chapter learned a lot, had a great workout, and had a lot of laughs.  The martial arts studio even made them special shirts to remember the night!