For a long time, chapters have realized the importance of social media to attract new members.  But the MOMS Club of Elk Grove, CA found out just how effective it can be for a service project as well, after they used it to drive their recent donation collection service project for the victims of the wildfires in Northern California.

When the chapter saw the impact of the wildfires on the communities around them, they knew they had to help.  The chapter started off with a simple flyer outlining what sort of items were most urgently needed by those escaping the fire – toiletries, diapers, water, and other necessities.  The flyer was given to their members who shared it to groups, pages, and even on their own personal pages to get the word out.  And did they ever get the word out!

It wasn’t long before the chapter was contacted by a mom who had seen the flyer and whose husband works for the National Guard.  She told him about the efforts the chapter was making to help the fire victims, and he arranged to get the National Guard to bring the donations to where they were needed most.  The donation drive ran for two days and items could be brought to one of five local businesses who kindly agreed to collect items.

At the end of the two days, the chapter was overwhelmed with the volume of items received.   Their quick response resulted in hundreds of families getting supplies that they needed during their evacuation — and it was all in their hands only days from the first outbreak of the fires.  The MOMS Club of Elk Grove showed how social media has opened new ways for chapters to serve their local communities.   Well done, moms!