We’re starting a new feature in our newsletter featuring ‘mom crafts’ to help chapters find some fun activities moms can work on while the kids are around playing or doing a craft of their own. Today, we’re making sock snowmen!


Are those not the cutest things ever??

You don’t need very much to get these things started – in fact, you likely have it lying around the house right now.


These ones are made from:

  • large men’s white socks (using the ankles of used socks would be great here!)
  • elastics
  • uncooked rice (or light colored beans)
  • colorful socks
  • some beads/decorations
  • string/twine/ribbon for decorating


To start, you need to cut the white sock. If you want a shorter snowman, you can use the ankle part – if you want a taller snowman, use the toe part.

If you are using the ankle, you should turn your sock inside out. If you are using the toe, you can either turn it inside out or leave it as it is depending on whether or not you want your snowman to have a fuzzy appearance. Then attach an elastic to one end as tightly as you can.

Flip the sock so the elastic tuft is on the inside and fill it up with rice (or beans). Keep jiggling the sock to spread the rice out and create a fuller snowman.IMG_9674

When your snowman has the basic look you want, close the top with another tight elastic tuft. Once he’s sealed, add another elastic or two to give him a snowman shape (I did two on the taller snowmen).

Finally, using the colorful socks, cut the toe off to make your snowman a hat (this also covers where you closed him) and you can use the ankle part for a sweater. Add some beads for eyes and a nose and any decorations to jazz up his outside and there you go!