Yes, we all know it’s been a long, cold winter. There’s only two good ways to deal with the weather — either hunker down, or embrace it. Luckily, in California, embracing it is always a viable option!

The MOMS Club of Roseville West, CA, recently held a Polar Bear Plunge to get all the moms and kids into the winter spirit. While the outside temperature was a not-quite-frigid 70 degrees F, the pool is not heated so it was definitely chilly — especially for the little ones!

When the kids got out of the pool, the moms were ready with a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate to help them warm up. And once the hot chocolate was gone — what else would you expect the kids to do but run back in the pool?

The event was a big hit with the kids (especially when they got their custom-made Polar Bear Medals). The MOMS Club of Roseville West is looking forward to doing it again next winter!